Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ohio Works to Stave Off Radical HSUS Agenda

Governor Strickland has proposed a 13-member Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board that would set standards for the care of livestock on farms. This appears to be in response o the Washington DC based animal rights group, HSUS (mistakenly referred to as an animal welfare group in the linked article below) passing a ballot initiative in California, recently, that fairly destroyed their smaller animal husbandry industry. Ohio has a huge industry in pork and eggs. The proposals from HSUS would jack prices up and make egg production less safe for consumers. This is of no concern to the organization that promotes vegetarianism. Ohio knew it was on the radical groups radar along with the states of Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts.
HSUS claims that the creation of this proposed Ohio board, to be run by professionals and people who generally know what they are doing, would "force" them to run a ballot campaign fueled with misinformation and a budget of 10 -100 million dollars to deceive the public into deciding "how things should be done".
There are people engaged in less than stellar practices in all industries, animal husbandry is no exception. A state standards board sounds like a good idea, but maybe a bit redundant. The Ohio Department of Agriculture already has standards for animal care. More inspectors to weed out the abusive farmers would be in order but that's unlikely with the current budget (A budget that would be worsened by the legislation HSUS seeks).
Ohio doesn't need out of state extremists coming into our state and forcing their radical agenda down our throats. Ohio doesn't need higher food prices or the loss of jobs in a major industry or the increased chances of contaminated foods.
Support Strickland's idea or not, be aware of the alternative liberal out of state radicals have in store for us.

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