Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cincinnati Streetcar Attracts Families

The goal of the Cincinnati streetcar is to facilitate & enable people to live in an area of the city that is not terribly amenable to an auto-centric lifestyle. While auto addicts call it an amusement park ride for elitists, one can clearly see from this video it is a boon for families. Herding kids in and out of buses & minivans can be a nightmare and on buses, a parent has to contend with impatient fellow passengers as well. The ease of entry & exit can help the harried urban parent immeasurably. Anybody who has ridden a bus knows the inconvenience of baby carriages. Modern streetcars with wider, lower doors and open space inside, make using a baby carriage a snap.
The allure of urban living for single YPs is ok but attracting more solid families is what the urban core needs.

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