Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apocalyptic Cult? Lunatic Fringe?

Is the GOP/Tea Party an apocalyptic cult of lunatics?
A veteran Capitol hill staffer, Mike Lofgren suggests it.
Matt Taibbi, over at Rolling Stone, Seems to think so.
But that's just opinion. What I found interesting was a recent report from the Brookings Institute showing centrists slightly more aligned with the Left and Democrats than the mainstream Republican party and a total disconnect from the majority of Americans by Fox News watchers & Tea Baggers. Their report focuses on social perceptions & fairly ignores economic issues but over and over the far right is completely out of whack with centrists, Independents and frequently pretty divorced from mainstream Republicans. For all their bluster about the "Far Left", that category is the absolute smallest of any category in the bunch. That is, the vast left wing conspiracy just ain't there.
Of course, the fanatical nationalist, religionist Tease will likely just say the study proves the conspiracy does exist, tho. It's part of the territory.

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Teresa Shouvlin said...

I also read a survey that said the Tea Partiers have lost or are losing support among the American electorate. It basically painted them as a fringe group, strident, but fringe. They just get a lot of media coverage with some high profile players.