Thursday, September 29, 2011

Northside Porch Tour

WLWT at the 2009 tour
and then a bunch of other junk

Saturday, October 1 from 6-9PM, experience the biennial Northside Porch Tour.
Over one-hundred porches will be featured in this tour showcasing one of the most unique architectural elements of the Northside Community. Traveling along the route, you will receive a visual and narrative historical perspective of the overall streetscape featuring houses with period porches built circa 1890 thru 1940. Ride on a 20-person horse drawn carriage along the route elegantly lit by 1,000's of luminaries for a measly $3.
Tours start at the Security Fence Co. @ 4260 Dane Avenue where there will be grub & jams.
Meanwhile, Over the Avenue at the C&D @ 1714 Hanfield Ave, The Cincinnati Rollrgirls will be hosting a Steak Out steak dinner fundraiser beginning at 6PM.

From 10A to 4P, 1650 Glen Parker will be open as part of the Green Energy Ohio Tour. It is a solar powered LEED certified home.
As usual, Northside is the place to be.

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