Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Metrics of '11

Looking over the blog stats…..
Repeat visitors (masochists) are up 60% from 10, 300% since 09.
Total visitors (bored office workers & students) are up 23% from 10 & 320% from 09.
In a blog primarily about Cincinnati & SW Ohio, the main cities to hit here are:
  • Cincinnati
  • Richmond
  • Houston
  • Mumbai
  • São Paulo
  • Jakarta
Dayton comes in at #40 behind Waipahu & right ahead of Wroclaw.
Top search terms:
  • Krampus
  • Grace Slick
  • 7 of 9
  • bridge design
  • Ashley Bulgari

Most of the hits from the middle east are looking for porn.
An image search for "women castrating" somehow leads to a post about a mannequin named Barbe Que that stands in front of a barbecue joint. freaks….
Still one of the top pages: Top 10 Robo-Cyborg Chicks. Guess I should do more lists. I could be the next Forbes!
The vast majority of people get here by clicking "next blog".
IOS, at 0.8%, is right behind Linux, at 1% of hits.
Top browser is now Chrome, followed by Firefox, IE then Safari. Opera coming in with 1.6%.
Didn't sell any Ault Park crap although my Cincinnati Iconography page is the top exit link from here.
Basically, the more crap you throw, the more crap sticks. Still, I think I'll raise advertising rates. Nobody should mind.

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