Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Over 1,400 - Gone

When the Fishwrap announced it would require a FaceBook account to make comments on their site, they received over 1,400 comments, almost unanimously condemning the action.
They are now gone.
Complaints covered fear of reprisal, not wanting a FaceBook account & not wanting to use FaceBook for that purpose.
The Fishwrap said it wanted o do away with the ugliness.
Is our health falling apart?
Dinkels deny assault claim
Driver killed in rollover crash on I-471
Woman used car as weapon
Homeowner held burglar at gunpoint
Murderer pleads for mercy
Mini crime spree in Colerain
Water, sewer rates shooting up
Priest at council event faced sex allegation
Moody's warns county on bonds

yeah, happiness & sunshine from the people who don't want
"ugliness". Perhaps ugliness begets ugliness?

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