Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Terre Haute ?

ok, I knew Slime Warner & Incite had come to an impasse with WLWT & dropped 'em off the broadcast so when I flipped over to that charnel I was surprised to see a newscast. Channel 2? Must be Dayton, I thought. nope. Terre Haute.
C'mon guys, Columbus Indiana, Indianapolis, Columbus Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Lexington, hell, cartoons or old movies would be of more interest than that.
(Thought that Olympic coverage was going to get you some leverage with a company that doesn't give a rat's ass about their customers, huh ?)
UPDATE: When the going gets weird - the weird get going. Now Terre Haute is bitching at Slime Warner about stealing their broadcasts. Thy really should have just run Bugs Bunny or Batman cartoons.....
Fishwarp story here.

WLWT story here

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