Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will U.S. be the Next Greece ?

While I doubt the U.S. will share Greece's economic fate simply because of size & diversity issues, there's certainly evidence pointing to a radical fringe group like the Golden Dawn attaining power in the U.S.. It's fun to watch the antics of this nationalist nativist group of yahoos from afar but given the popularity of Limbaughs, Becks & Robertsons here, how far off can we be? Illegal migration in Greece is actually worse in Greece than in the U.S. and, besides the settlers there's a ton of transients over there, too. Approximately 90% of illegal migrants in Europe enter through Greece. The Spartans had it relatively easy at Thermopylae.
Unfortunately, the antics of these guys only serve to distract from the real issues.
Upon election, they got the ball rolling demanding "respect" from the traitorous press corps.

Temper tantrums & going after middle aged women half your size on national TV might be considered bad form but, apparently the Dawn's status improved after this kerfuffle.

Threatening natualized citizens does the party no good & harkens back to Kristalnacht krap. This comes on the heels of street violence aimed at foreigners that went unchecked by a police force sympathetic to the Dawn.
A blood bank for natives only might seem kinda nice but is also kind of insane. Blood is blood.
Laying claim to Istanbul & other cities in Turkey is a complete hoot. Sure Greeks established the town about 2,500 years ago but they haven't owned it for over 1,700 years. Maybe they should also seek reparations from Italy…..
They'll need all the help they can get given their financial problems.
But even in the U.S. we see the folks who, in spite of increasing deficits, want to wage wars & occupy foreign lands, enable government takeovers of religious institutions and continue class/race warfare on their fellow citizens. And they want it all for free! yeah, we may not be too far off.

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