Friday, January 10, 2014

Railroads Half Off

Charlie Winburn deserves a place in the Hamilton County government. In the footsteps of such luminaries as Chris Monzel and Phil Heimlich, he is spearheading the proposition of selling off assets to pay off short term debts. But like his visionary predecessors, he wants to sell at fire sale prices. Now, bear in mind he was steadfastly against leasing parking assets, but….
Which way is the wind blowing today?

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Anonymous said...

With stock market performance from '13 increasing pension assets and and a rising ten-year interest rate for '13 decreasing pension liabilities the unfunded amount of the city's pension should be close to 80 percent for 2013 which would be considered a healthy pension.

For the city's finance chair to not have a grasp of this simple calculation would be laughable if his apparent ineptitude wasn't so potentially dangerous to the city.