Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Blind Rage of the Tyrant

While Cincinnati city hall hemorrhages talented staff due to Cranley's maniacal hamfisted antics, he is threatening to 'clean house' at SORTA, too. Seems he's pissed about their offer to handle the streetcar operating costs.
Absolutely we’re going to expect changes on that board
The fact is they were willing to cannibalize bus service …
Of course they weren't going to cannibalize bus service - that's just more of Cranley's paranoid fantasy world. But what the Business Courier dug up was interesting - that the majority of the appointees voting for supporting streetcar operations were chosen by Hamilton County commissioners.
Cranley can only exact his revenge on a minority of his SORTA enemies.
Can we expect a return of Tom 'We don't have signs' Luken to the SORTA board as Cranley desperately tries to turn back time?


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Quimbob said...

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