Friday, September 12, 2014

cemeteries in the future

A recent article in The Atlantic asked what's in store for the future urban cemetery.
One of the biggies involves media & display tech.
When I was a kid, I envisioned a granite juke box. But back then the electronics were bulky & fragile and would not long survive the elements of the midwest. A lot of those issues have been eliminated lately. 2 media things that would be kinda cool, would be LED screens playing an ever evolving fractal animation. I think this could be applied to music as well.
One of the things in the article is holograms of the deceased. Couple this with the AI tech some weirdohs are developing so you can talk with your virtual dead loved one. add in the evolving fractal component and you can converse with your dearly departed as their conversation becomes some oddly recognizable Jabberwocky.
If you think cemeteries are creepy now - the future looks dark.

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