Thursday, March 12, 2015

Springfield Gets One Right

Photo by Tim Ayers
In all the demolitions in Springfield, OH, this was the one needed for decades. The Crowell Collier printing company closed in the mid 50s and the building sat, like an albatross for over half a century. It was a stark reminder of the thousands of layoffs just before Christmas that year and marked the end of the city's once proud manufacturing heritage.
It was used for a number of things over the years, it's where I first registered to vote, but was just a crumbling warehouse for a guy who was pretty much a pack rat in the past couple decades.
While the city tore down it's Veterans' Memorial concert hall, it's arcade, it's schools, it's bridges, it's train stations and it's entire fucking downtown, this leviathan stood resolute, a decrepit hulk, a rotting stinking corpse.
This should have been the first to go.
Hopefully someone can develop the site. Maybe recreate a downtown now that the mall is pretty much dead.

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