Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Can the police stop violent crime?

The mayor & city manager of Cincinnati have demanded the city police chief come up with a plan to stop street violence in the next 4 days. This comes after they discussed the chief's resignation.
But what can the police do to prevent crime? They are a reactive entity that arrests & investigates. After that it goes to the County courts & jails, etc.
If they fail to prosecute and rehabilitate, then the police just re-arrest & e-arrest.
People not cooperating with police for fear of reprisal need protections but, again, I think that falls into the realm of the county - maybe the prosecutor's office.
In a recent murder, the victim had been arrested at least once a year on not horrendous charges and in most cases the County courts dismissed charges, dropped charges and acquitted the guy. What lesson did he learn? There is no law.
WKRC & city councilman Chris Smitherman report that a man was telling people at the crime scene, after the man was gunned down, to not cooperate with the police. No idea if Smitherman photographed the man or identified him to the police.
WKRC also reported that a lot of the violence is in a particular area & suggest turf wars.
Maybe if the county kept up it's end the violence might diminish, meanwhile Cincinnati's administration will just use the mayhem as a backdrop for it's political theater

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