Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Using the Village

After the Cincinnati city manager told the chief of police to come up with a 90 day plan to reduce street violence and after the Cincinnati city manager stated no 90 day plan would ever work some changes have been made to the plan.
Specifically, drop off centers for curfew violators were originally going to be a couple churches in Walnut Hills & South Cumminsville but that has changed to city recreation centers in Avondale & Northside (Northside also has a needle exchange center).
The clergy is still supposed to be involved but somebody thought bland government rec centers would avoid sending a wrong message that a place of spiritual growth might send.
As churches continue to lose population & close, we are losing what has traditionally been an asset to the community. Here we had an opportunity to use the assets, both human & real estate, the way they were intended. Hopefully we can still use the human part but the combo of the ministry & house would be more powerful than ministry & government facility.
ALSO - Wouldn't the Crossroads shelter in the West End have been a better spot? It's already a 24 hour facility. It was a PITA just to get McKie open on a Sunday afternoon for a community event. Now it's going to be open 24/7?

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