Sunday, December 20, 2015

Daniel Drake - Zombie Hunter

Ok, Hollywood, here's another idea. In the vein of the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Noah & some other faux history crap, Daniel Drake - Zombie Hunter.
Drake lived from the late 1700s to the mid 1800s. He lived primarily in the Ohio River Valley. He was a frontier physician, being one of the first diplomaed doctors west of The Alleghenies.
He dabbled in many sciences, social reforms, started medical schools, an insane asylum, worked in epidemiology (cholera) and he even went to a school called Transylvania!
He documented the effects of the New Madrid earthquakes on 1911/12.
So, epidemics (zombiee virus), lunacy, disasters in the lush 19th century midwest...
A perfect setting for a zombie apocalypse if I ever saw one.
Add that he was a decent looking guy and I think you've got one kick ass hero. heck, you could even work in a Van Helsing character with the Transylvania U . angle.
So, go for it, Hollywood!
you are welcome

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