Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Future of the 20

The Tub?
It's been announced that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the obverse of the $20 bill.
I kinda think we should stick to presidents & Jackson was also heavily invested in banking during his presidency. Also, the US $20 is one of the most used bills in the world. It's kind of a brand.
I think the choice of Tubman is also a fairly cynical way of throwing a bone to the "frails & the darkies" in one shot.
I certainly don't want to knock Tubman. Her actions & accomplishments put her in a pretty lofty status, but there's a lot of people in that category. She's certainly stamp worthy.
I think the only non presidents on US currency are Salmon Chase & Benjamin Franklin. Chase was on the first $1 & briefly on the $10,000 bill - but he was Secretary of the Treasury !
Franklin was instrumental in the founding of the country & fairly defining the bland fly overy midwest.
What did Tubman do? HT to Amy Walter for this.
But she wasn't elected on a national level. OK, I realize she couldn't be but, still...
The only American Indian on US bills was Hankupapa Lakota Chief Running Antelope who was on the $5 shortly back in 1899. How about Tecumseh?
Is there any reason we can't issue $3, $25, $30 notes in limited runs?
I don't agree with the Treasury on this and I really don't think they are bring honest with their decision.

UPDATE The NYT discusses who is slated to be on other bills in the future. Still no American Indians...

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