Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Post Mortem Sexbot

So what happens to your sex robot after you die? Does you spouse want it? Does your spouse even know about it?
It could be auctioned off with the rest of your estate. You could will it to your kid. In the event that your bot was modeled after your spouse, that could lead to some weird oedipal issues. Of course, if the bot can do more than sex, it might just become the kid;s robo-nanny.
Of course, you can take it with you, although as AI evolves, it might raise some ethical issues. you could turn the unit off or entomb it & let the batteries wear out. That might make visits to the cemetery interesting as one would hear ever fainter noises coming from crypts & graves.
Of course not all cemeteries would accept them. The inheritor of the sexbot come nannybot might want a nonfunctioning unit interred in a family plot. After all, it might have lasted multiple generations.
The used bot's AI also might make comparisons to it's previous owners that might put off the new owners. "OOH, that's not how your daddy did that"
The funeral director will be faced with the issue of the surviving sexbot attending the funeral & timing that with the transferring of the property.
Which leads to another issie - What if the owner wants to set his robot free? Ptobably not an issue with the current line of animatronics, but down the road? No doubt many sexbots will have skimpy maid outfits in their wardrobe but will they have marketable skills? Might grandpa's sexbot just wind up turning tricks at Third & Main untill Chinese gangsterbots kidnap the unit & part it out?
Just the idea of having sex with machines might be an issue for some folks now, but we need to look at the long term implications, too.

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