Monday, February 06, 2017

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it ~ Edmund Burke

Seems like there is a politician out there wanting to pass - delete laws without understanding why we did & didn't make them already.
People want to license cats because we license dogs. But cats don't pack & rip your kids to pieces.
People want to license bicyclists because motorists require licensing. But bicyclists don't crash into other motorists, buildings and largee groups of people causing death, destruction and financial ruination.
Now this punk, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R) in Florida, wants to eliminate the EPA. he was born 12 years after President Richard Nixon (R) signed the agency into existence. He apparently doesn't know what went on before and why the agency was created.
A major job they had was to figure out what stored waste was toxic, what wasn't, where it was and if it was safely stored. People weren't worried about this stuff and a lot was in flood plains that couldn't be developed. OTOH, poorly stored toxic waste was getting into the waterways.
But Gaetz doesn't get this because he's just the sort of country lawyer Edmund Burke warned against after the French Revolution.
He's mainly grandstanding as I doubt this will get anywhere but with Dangerous Don & his denizens in power, who the fuck knows? I'm sure Putin would love a sickly American society & military.

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