Friday, January 13, 2017

Hey, Apple, still plenty of good pickins in comic books

Apple has been looking at streaming original content for awhile but is, apparently, ramping things up.
The comic books big celluloid has chosen so far has been interesting - from commercial to weird. Why the subset of The Mystery Men was chosen over it's parent, The Flaming Carrot was always baffling.
Anyway, here's a list of some of the comic book content yet to be tapped
  • American Flagg
  • Black Kiss
  • Grendel
  • Flaming Carrot
  • Enemy Ace
  • Aztek Ace
  • Magnus Robot Fighter
  • Kabuki
  • Astro City
  • Xenozoic Tales
  • Black Hole
  • Hard Boiled Defective Stories
  • Maus
  • Rac Shade, The Changing Man
  • Warlock
  • Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu
  • Metamorpho
  • Deadman
  • Blackhawks
  • Mister X
  • Ms Tree
  • Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
  • Scout
  • Machine Man
  • Big Bang Comics
  • Eight Ball
  • Bacchus
  • Brat Pack
  • Lady Death
I could go on & I am sure my minions will add more

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