Tuesday, June 10, 2008

McCain Ditches Berry for Abba and Berry Roots for Obama.
In this article, it states that McCain was using Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode as a theme song, but has now switched to Abba's, Take a Chance on Me.
Someone in McCain's camp needs to be fired. Why is he using a song by a Swedish band that infers that choosing McCain might be risky ?
He would be better off promoting a song by a conservative American artist like Johnny Ramone and his band, The Ramones.
Candidates ?
Too Tough to Die
Highest Trails Above
Cretin Hop
I Don't Care
I Want You Around

McCain is gonna get creamed.

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Barry Floore said...


Of course, being the "neutral on gay" Republican that he is, I'm not sure how ABBA fits into that.