Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vandalism in St Bernard Cemeteries
Trashing cemeteries is some kind of rite of passage for dumbass teenagers. It's nothing new. It's going to happen again.
What bothers me the most about this is the complete lack of sculpture and form (?) in our architectural world these days. Seems about the only place you can see this "old school" art is in cemeteries. It's awful to lose what little is left.
I guess we must be grateful for the wisdom of youth.
St John's is a kind of boring flat cemetery with little landscaping. Some of the stones look old enough they may have been moved from older cemeteries. A huge number have inscriptions entirely in German.
Here's some pics from a few years back.

Fishwrap story here.
"St. Bernard police had gone undercover Sunday night and, armed with night-vision goggles they borrowed from Montgomery, nabbed a trio of juveniles early Monday suspected of toppling gravestones at the two cemeteries.
After the damage at St. John's, the teens returned to St. Mary's, where they were stopped and arrested by Officer Doug Roll.
Three boys were charged Monday with desecrating grave sites.
The teens, 15 and 16, face charges of criminal trespass, desecrating a grave site, criminal mischief and vandalism."

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Anonymous said...

It seems those teenagers had their day in court today & the judge is keeping them locked up till their sentencing. It's about time somebody did the time for the crime they committed.