Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Team in Town
When I attended the now defunct Springfield North High School, a social studies teacher tried to organize a soccer program. One of my best friends grew up near Leeds and had played soccer from about the time he could walk and he encouraged me to go out for the team with him.
never mind that we were two of the more notorious dopers in the school.....
Some weird guy who was skinnier & less jockish than myself showed up and a bookish guy who had been an exchange student in Germany for a year showed up.
That was the team.
ok, it wasn't a team, the coach rolled his eyes, sighed and called it a day.
North is gone, now, replaced by a new Springfield High and while the school still hasn't opened yet, they have a real soccer program that has just started playing - and losing. But they are doing better than my class ever did - they are making it to the field !
Good luck to coach Kohl & the Wildcats.

Noose Son story here.

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