Friday, August 01, 2008

In Springfield there is a real, sometimes amusing but ultimately unfortunate alienation between city residents and Wittenberg University.
Many residents don't attend the college, frequently because of financial restraints while many of the students from out of town come from fairly affluent families. This rift is simply a socio-economic one but probably drives most of the rest of the opposition. Students going away to college tend to practice pretty crappy behavior no matter where they are but when they treat their host city with contempt, they generally get a response in kind. While many Springfielders are of blue collar origins, they tend to look at fine arts with contempt and, subsequently do not appreciate aspects of the university like the school of music. They tend to see the school as a waste of real estate and a drain on city resources.
So, it is a pleasant surprise to see this in the Noose Son:
Wittenberg students promote city

Young adults from Covington, Cleveland, Columbus and Kentucky have fallen in love with Springfield.
They want you to, as well.
On Thursday, July 31, six Wittenberg University students presented a proposal to help the city promote itself, not to the outside world, but within.

Their list of the Champion City's top assets:

  • Heritage Center

  • Wittenberg University and Clark State Community College

  • Westcott House

  • Springfield Symphony Orchestra

  • Affordability

  • Nextedge Applied Research and Technology Park

  • Springfield Arts Council

  • Citizens Police Academy

  • Historic Districts

  • After-School Programs

  • Kuss Auditorium

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Cancer Center

  • Downtown Entrepreneurship

I think I would have to point out the Civic Theater Association and the mere existence of 2 older movie theaters even tho the movie theaters are not currently in use (at least not consistently), The Clarence Brown reservoir (The Springfield Sea) and The Clark County fair, one of the biggest and bestest county fairs in the state.
Still, I don't think you really need to sell Springfielders on Springfield and I am glad it is attracting some enthusiastic new residents, but I think they are just seeing what the core population already knows.

Full Noose Son story here.

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