Saturday, February 13, 2010

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The Clash - Clevo Agora 1979

Garage Band

This was, I believe, the first of many pilgrimages in Phil's van up to The Cleveland Agora on Euclid Ave. Why we would go to Cleveland in February for anything is beyond me. Well, nowadays. friggin' cold, maaannnn.....
The Clash had just really hit in the U.S. recently, had just released their second album, Give "m Enough Rope, & we were hooked. They were young, loud & snotty, not to mention drunk, sloppy & generally noisy. That is, they were great !
These British punk bands were big on giveaways for some reason. At this show, we got iron-on patches!
This concert is available at Wolfgang's Vault.
yup. We drove all the way to friggin' Cleveland for a half hour show.
There was an opening act or two. I forget them.


geebee said...

Bo Diddley opened for them. Awesome show! Wolfgang's Vault post is incomplete.

Quimbob said...

uh, yeah, like I'm gonna go by YOUR memory.....