Saturday, February 06, 2010

Music After 50

Found an interesting website dedicated to musicians who are over 50 called Music Over 50.
I have to say I have found nothing there of much value but I think the concept makes sense. It is not a year old yet. I found the site through the FaceBook Gretsch page. While it might sound kind of morbid, this site could be a great asset for older musicians who have suffered disabilities, strokes, arthritis & such. Obviously it s meant to appeal to an older audience of a world dominated by yunguns.
It's a web 2 / social media type site & will need some time to build up and will, of course, be dependent on user activity, but it targets a real niche & could just catch on.
So why is the tune, "Old & In The Way" bouncing around in my head, now ?


Anonymous said...

love the'd you do that

Quimbob said...

Strata & Photoshop
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