Monday, February 01, 2010

Why Does This Woman Have No Nose ?

She can dance. She has super slicing powers. She lives in an enchanted world rich in giant vegetables. She can fly. But she ain't got a nose.

Why ?
Are all the inhabitants of that strange and enchanted world noseless ?
I'm certainly ok with the whole 3 finger thing & distorted eyes & all - but no nose?
Dunno if this is the Tostitos/Fritos guys or some mad fetish of the Laika guys, but it's just disturbing. The real people in these companies ad work all seem to have noses. Did they just run out of polygons? Is it considered attractive?

Dunno if it works any better on guys..

You can see the disturbing ad here.


geebee said...

That's the look Michael Jackson was going for... before it went terribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

Of course she doesn't have a nose, she lives in a world of sliced onions...