Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Thoughts

I think a Portman win could have been called a month or two ago. In the land of coulda woulda, I wonder how Brunner would have fared. She couldn't have run a campaign worse than Fisher.
Wonder how many votes, the Beacon's boy, LaBotz siphoned off of Fisher.
Conway's last ditch "outing" of Paul was pretty hopeless & probably killed him. Linking the guy to anti-Christian secret societies sounded kinda loopy for what sounded about as sinister as college hijinks.
Dale no show Mallory stays in office & out of jail. Maybe the Republicans could have tried?
Monzel off to the county commission to stop the streetcar.....
& retread Chabot is back in
So, to recap
Kasich, Boehner, Chabot, Mallory, Monzel, Wilson...
Dumb wins.


Bob Baylor said...

Don't forget Schmidt and retread DeWine.

Quimbob said...

yeah, I'm wondering how much of the state budget will bet eaten up by DeWine filing law suits against the White House.