Monday, November 01, 2010

ok, since you NEED this because you had no idea who to vote for on your own, here's my list of recommeded candidtates for the election Tuesday. It's probably a list of people who will lose, too.
As usual, when in doubt, vote Libertarian.
US Congress 1st District
  Steve Driehaus
US Representative 8th District
  Justin Coussoule
  Ted Strickland
State Representative 32nd District
  Eric Nebergall
State Representatice 28th District
  Connie Pillich
State Representativ 31st Distric
  Denise Driehaus
Hamilton County Commissioner
  Jim Tarbell
Hamilton County Auditor
  Dusty Rhodes

I would like to thank Dale Mallory for not making this a straight Democratic ticket. That would have been a first.


COAST said...

It's almost the exact opposite of our endorsements. Was that the goal?

Quimbob said...

I do tend to look at your endorsements & go opposite. But, no, this had nothing to do with COA T. This had more to do with the Republican party going off on the crazy train.
PS - Your boy, Brinkman, needs to get a job & quit sucking at the public teat.

Late Nivingston said...

I'd like to thank Dale for a lot less. With the economy in shambles, Dale becomes the bedbug czar.

5chw4r7z said...

I thought it was funny how all the crap Chabot was complaining about actually happened on his watch.