Friday, November 05, 2010

Rebirth or Zombie Uprising?

Listening to John Boehner sloooowwwly say nothing in his deep baritone, I kept thinking about a press conference Vic Gold made at the Cato Institute back in the summer of 2007 when he was touting his book, Invasion of the Party Snatchers. Gold, an excitable, fast talking man commented how people would comment on how he sounded "radical" - not because of what he said but the way he said it and how people like Dick Cheney & particularly Ramsey Clark, could say any outrageous thing & be taken seriously because they spoke slowly & in a deep voice like Boehner.
I looked up the broadcast on C-Span & found more of what he said pretty interesting.
It's here.
His book describes how southern Democrats or Holy Rollers, disenchanted with Johnson & Carter, gradually took over the Republican Party (think Reagan Democrats) & changed the face of what we call Conservatism for the worse. Much worse. Like a Linda Blair possession worse.
He predicted the Republicans would get creamed in 2008 and their only chance of moving forward would be to die & be reborn.
In 2008 they were looking pretty toasted. In 2010 they came back like gangbusters but was it reborn or was it something more akin to a zombie apocalypse or some kind of Frankenstein's monster brought back to life by mad Tea Party scientists?
Gold points out what the Republican Party needs to do to regain it's true old school conservative roots at about 24:30 in the video.
The party must die & be reborn:
∇ It can't carry on about groups like Planned Parenthood and obsess on the failed war on abortion rights.
∇ It must render unto Caesar & unto God but on different days of the week.
∇ It must see America as a beacon & not the policeman for the world.
∇ It must embrace fiscal conservatism & quit wild deficit spending.
∇ It must see family values as something the family, not the state defines.
∇ It must be alert to the dangers of a strong centralized government.
Well, not much change. There's lip service to the fiscal conservatism but we have heard that that refrain before. It's as recognizable as "BRAAAIINSSS".
The rest? SSDD
I suggest we all remember Sheriff McClelland's advice.
Happy Guy fawkes Day, everybody!

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