Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is Municipal Recreation Worth It? ?

Back in the 20s the notion that unorganized recreation could circumvent juvenile delinquency was put forth & widely accepted. Cities built recreation centers & pools. The pools were happily greeted since it also gave kids a chance to cool off. The unorganized aspect forced the kids to organize among themselves. This was aimed at building a better community. The recreation facilities were not intended as luxuries but as crime deterrents.
Of course in the 20s there was no air conditioning, cars weren't ubiquitous, there was no TV, internet or game stations. Are theses resources still effective in their intended purpose?
Recreation centers also serve as community centers for neighborhood councils & organizations. These events could be held in schools or libraries, tho.
Northside, looking at a new rec center & school, urged city & school leaders to combine the 2 into one building which would have cut operational costs & met kids up with the neighborhood adults in a positive way thus building a better community. CPS, of course, wouldn't hear of it.
As the city is faced with a budget shortfall, evaluating the usefulness of our pools & recreation centers & finding efficiencies with consolidation is a necessity.

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