Monday, December 20, 2010

We're #6!

Ohio ranks 6th in Worst States to Retire In.
Great. We don't need yer groaning, soiled ass anyway.
I gotta pee
help me
sound of drooling
help me

Missing in the criteria were the use of burial vaults & marksmanship. When people are near death they need to start planning for the afterlife as nosferatu & getting out of that coffin & dodging potential head shots is a prime concern. Of course burial costs weren't mentioned either.
I would think a passenger rail line from Cincinnati to Clevo would help Ohio's standing.


COAST said...

Ohio's confiscatory death tax is a big disincentive to retire here. It's especially burdensome to family farms. Nothing like inheriting the ancestral farm and then having to sell it in order to pay to run arail line you'll never use.

geebee said...

Way to go OHIO, could've had a new train to ride, but NO - give the money back so other, smarter states can move ahead.