Thursday, December 09, 2010

I Hate Christmas

The parents & grandparents are no longer with us. Of my generation only one sister bred. Her "kids" are middle aged now & neither of them have bred, so no little kids either. Without this span of generations, festivities are just a gathering of middle aged schmucks grousing about politics, jobs & TV.
The 2 sisters absolutely hate each other, the next generation is prone to shift work & working holidays, so scheduling / planning is a complete PITA.
If you give somebody a gift any other day of the year, people think you're weird but you HAVE to give gifts on Christmas & then it turns into bargaining as what Larry gave Curly is worth more than what Moe gave Larry and.....
You start looking at the gizmos in the Think Geek catalog & then you hear stories about people too poor to give gifts & the neato gag gifts start losing their luster.
And it brings out the best in all of us. Christmas music. Doesn't it seem kinda Clockwork Oranginan to force prisoners in an Arizona jail to listen to Christmas Music 12 hours a day? Of course there's radio stations that play the stuff all day, too.
Then there's the whole "reason for the season" crew boycotting business and condemning people for wishing people Happy Holidays instead of wishing them Merry Christmas or the Atheists who mock a religion in it's high holy days and the whole argument over Christmas being Pagan or Christian.

Isis and Horus

Look, I really don't care how you celebrate Christmas. You can paint yourself purple, wave a Jolly Roger & scat sing Wagner's operas in August. Knock yourself out, just keep your purple paint off of me.


Classicgrrl said...

This may be the best post you've ever done.

Mark Miller said...

What she^ said.

Teresa Shouvlin said...

The family thing is exacerbated because you are the youngest and no one listens to you. I know from experience.

Quimbob said...

@T - So, why should I listen to you?