Monday, February 07, 2011

Building on our Strengths

Cincinnati's relationship with surrounding counties and communities has never been real good. While the surrounding areas are populated by good Christian people, Cincinnati has always been a hotbed of sin and depravity.
Frances Trollope contrasts life in Mowhawk to the revivals in Indiana in the 1830s. When religionists introduced the poison of Prohibition, surrounding counties succumbed while Cincinnati, with more saloons than Carrie Nation could shake an axe at, went down last.
This trend continues to this day. To the north lies Solid Rock Church with it's soon to be replaced Touchdown Jesus. To our south, the wildly successful Creation Museum soon to be joined by a Noah's Ark theme park. And Cincinnati? It's building a casino. More vice, more depravity.
Over at the sensationalist Building Cincinnati website we are told that design issues will be discussed Tuesday, 2/8/11. We won't be getting a Caesar's but I think it would still be a good idea to capitalize on our ancient Roman ties and work on this ancient world & biblical kinda theme.

A nice Roman arch leading to the casino would be awesome. Replicating Constantine's arch would also send the clear message that the good people from out of town will not be persecuted during their visit.
For the actual casino we could go to that colony of Rome and a nest of vice and intrigue, Alexandria.

What better inspiration than a wonder of the ancient world? Along with the glamour & sexiness of Roman emperors carrying on with Egyptian queens the lighthouse would tie in with Cincinnati's maritime history as well as help motorists on the highway find the place. The Alexandria theme would also tie in nicely with our revered library.
And we know casino visitors are going to make a beeline for the library.....
Unfortunately, preliminary renderings look like the casino will look like an extension of a mall.

Well, don't come crying to me when this thing falls flat.
Delenda est Carthago.....

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