Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Legacy of Fear

Bad to Bizarre
Being a child during the Reagan administration must have been a traumatic experience. I can only imagine how talk of "killer trees" must have affected the tender mind of an 8 year old John Cranley. Indeed, it must haunt him to this day as he states that 'a wall of trees is creepy'.
After campaigning on a policy of neighborhood balkanization, he states that giving the neighborhoods more control over their own futures is 'scary'. Another trauma from his Reagan childhood?
Coming from the fairly paranoid Green Township probably hasn't helped the boy much, either.
Soapbox has a review the fear crazed mayor's first 100 days

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Burke gets to reap what he sown; what an empty fool.

Susannah Meyer, a Democratic candidate for a Hamilton County Juvenile Court judgeship, withdrew her name Tuesday from the May 6 primary ballot, a move that upset the party chairman.

“An unexpected opportunity has arisen that will put me in a better position to effect positive changes in the juvenile justice system,” Meyer wrote in a Tuesday email to supporters.

“I am not at liberty to discuss my next move at this time. But I did what my heart and (conscience) dictated. I promise you that I remain committed to improving the lives of juveniles that are processed through the juvenile court system.”

But Tim Burke, chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, wants Meyer to withdraw her withdrawal. That’s because she is unopposed in the primary. If she wins the primary and then withdraws, the party can replace her with another candidate. If she withdraws before the primary, it can’t replace her on the ballot.