Thursday, December 04, 2014

NASA Triggers the Eschaton

Deros worshipping NASA scientists seek to make a new solar system and possibly destroying Earth in the process.
Exploding satellites into the large planets of Jupiter & Saturn will trigger explosions starting a runaway fusion reaction that will turn the planets into stars making their satellites warm enough for the Transhumans.
The explosions are expected to shed 10% of the planets' mass & send it careening towards Earth with potentially catastrophic results. But will Earth be destroyed or will some of the planets, Like Earth and Mars just go into figure eight orbits around the two suns? Could the massive explosions result in restoring Mrs' atmosphere?
Will the transhumans, under Walt Disney's cyborg rule, rule on Callisto & Ganymede and control the people of Earth and Mars with their mind control rays?
Is this, in fact, the birth of a New Solar System Order controlled by technocrats & their Shape Shifting Alien Lizardmen allies?
Stay Tuned.

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