Friday, July 17, 2015

Witch Hunts Through the Ages

It's really starting to feel like the 17th century again nowadays. Or maybe the mid 20th century, I dunno.
Where accusations of witchery came with no way out of a condemnation eagerly enjoyed by the bloodthirsty rabble and accusations of communism consumed the citizens in the modern media - now the accusation is racism. An accusation that comes again with a rabid crowd who only need the accusation and care little for the veracity of the truth.
It's mainly just a ploy, usually used by liberals & Blacks, to ostracize & silence people they disagree with. It might as well be picking pizza toppings - you want mushrooms? racist
This clip by (the racists) at Infowars shows the centuries old no win mentality is still alive & well.
I am a racist. I know this as illuminates like Jim Albers, Laura Parker & Sean Hoefler have enlightened me as to who I am. I meet with my group of other racists & we plot to screw with black people. I have personally shattered the lives of dozens of black families.
Seriously, all the buffoonery prompted me to actually buy a Confederate flag. But that wasn't as easy as you might think. My first search was thwarted by the enlightened Stalinists at Google.
Fortunately, the racists at Yahoo hooked me up with a company where I also picked up a Haitian & German flag. yeah, I know I should hate the Krauts for waging war against the U.S. twice & they treat the racist freeloading Greeks like crap and my cabal of racist pals probably hate Haiti, but whatcha gonna do?