Thursday, August 06, 2015

Casting The Ramones

Rolling Stone reports Martin Scorsese is 'attached' to directing a movie about The Ramones.
So who should play the boys? Off the top of my noggin:
Brad Pitt as Johnny
Jon Hamm as Joey
Will Smith as Dee Dee
What are your ideas? (don't overload the server, now)

Rolling Stone article here


VisuaLingual said...

LOL! Did you see the CBGB movie? It wasn't very good; I'd be happy to explain why I thought that, but it would take a while. My biggest takeaway, though, was that the overall feel might have been helped by casting actual musicians or kids off the street instead of actors. The guy who played Iggy Pop is from the Foo Fighters, and I thought his performance was the strongest because he "got it." The worst were the redhead kid from Harry Potter as Cheetah Chrome and some starlet as Debbie Harry.

Quimbob said...

I remember seeing the actors when they were picked and...
Anyway, I haven't seen the movie & it looks like I will have to buy it to see it. Netflix doesn't even have a copy of the disk.
I would like to see Hamm do this comic book character, American Flagg.
A second rate actor who who plays a kind of Federal Marshall gets replaced by a hologram and moves from Mars to Earth where he gets a job doing the same job he acted as. There's been some kind of disaster on Earth so everybody lives in malls.
There's also an intelligent cat in the story who can talk and is fitted with mechanical hands...