Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cutting the Cable

As folks move away from the one size fits all cable TV model, the networks are delivering their content through their websites. That's great. They have different ways of doing it. Some make you wait a week to view online. Some let you view immediately but take down older shows. Some sites work OK with one browser but not with another. Fine, it's weird but I get it - we're still figuring it out. There's still advertising but, that's ok, the sponsors are the ones paying the bills.
While most networks stream their content ok - Fox is about the worst, some of the advertisers are streaming from Mac IIs through a modem.
Witness the snippet of an ad that takes about 5 minutes to play - if it doesn't crash your browser of completely lose the connection. Watching a 1 hour show (that's less than an hour) can take up to an hour & forty five minutes with an ad like this playing at every commercial break. Ironically, it's the tech companies that are the worst. The candy companies ads are fine.
Fox gives you the option of watching one ad or just watch with regular ads throughout the show. Except that doesn't work - you still get the ads...
The ads on Fox & The CW (you can tell what we watch in the BiC breakroom) are the worst.
Thing is, this ruins the user experience and I'm guessing most people don't realize it's different companies streaming ads & shows. Unless they are doing this on purpose for the cable companies, they really need to set some standards on their advertisers.

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