Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Is Alex Jones an Operative of the Global Elites ?

As Alex Jones & his cabal at InfowWars continually hammer away against union & cooperation & promote division & balkanization, I wonder - Is the goal here to divide & conquer ?
After Napoleon swept through Europe, the kingdoms that didn't have a chance against his onslaught realized they had to organize within their culture. As technology advances, the world "shrinks". It is natural that humans homogenize and organize. Something's lost & something's gained.
But is Alex' plot at the instruction of the Global Elites? Is the strategy to divide society so the Bilderbergers can sweep in with their robots & drones to conquer the Earth?
Gotta ask yourself - how did Al get out of Bohemian Grove alive? How come he didn't become a human sacrifice?
There is no doubt his strategy of division, pill popping, paranoid survivalism and carrying on about supernatural malarkey is compelling - but what's the pupose? His constantly hammering away at the notion we should believe him and nobody else - well, that's just a core strategy of cults.
I cannot say. BiC doesn't have the kind of budget to crack the leviathan of InfoWars. But it's time to start asking these questions.

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