Sunday, January 01, 2017

TV on the Honor System

Could there be another way to deliver TV content to the products (us)?
Instead of chopping up shows with commercials that people have been increasingly able to defeat and, online, can crash ones browser - how about giving the viewer a list of sponsors and maybe specific products - let the viewer purchase one or two - then, the sponsor would give the viewer a voucher he could use to download an uninterrupted show or even season of the shows.
I guess you'd have to figure out how much the sponsor usually receives from $ and unit sales. This method, however, would have the added effect of a confirmed sale and, issuing coupons, could confirm repeat sales.
The viewer would get a better experience and the sponsor would get better data.
I guess the only real drawback would be the viewer having to sit down and look thru the sponsors & their ads & buying shit online in advance.

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