Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Smitherman - Shameless

This whole 'Gang of 5 controversy was manufactured scandal hatched bhind closed doors by radical Republicans, blinded in their blind ambition and lust for power to discredit their political rivals and sow disarray.
Cincinnati city councilman Chris Smitherman showed his absence of morality in trying to capitalize on his late wife's misfortune. In this Law and Public Safety meeting the officer making a presentation can barely make it through the presentation as Smitherman alternately gushes over the police and repeats that his wife has died and he cared for her for months while she suffered illness. He has accused council members of using racial slurs in their texts. He recorded his wife speaking and released the recording after her death (so much for rest in peace).
His cronies published personal txt messages that had nothing to do with the legal case for the sole purpose of fomenting disaccord on the city council.
His latest gambit is to do what he can to financially hurt his opponents by having them foot the bill for the outrageous costs charged by his cronies' law firm. He cares nothing about the taxpayers. He knows he is a weaker vote getter than PG Sittenfeld and Smitherman and his droogies are just doing everything they can to make up for his weaknesses in policy, character, and personality. Parallels to crooked Donald Trump are pretty obvious.

Smitherman being restrained from attacking a fellow audience member at a Cincinnati council meeting
The man is not fit to sit on any governmental body.
Well, like the bard said, Caesar was ambitious.

Note: the editors here at BiC were not keen on brining some of this up due to the notion of respecting the dead but given the councilman's total lack of such respect, we decided to respond in kind.

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