Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is Rush on the Pills Again ?
Or is he just getting paid ?

If your extremist left wing movement that supported terrorist activities wanted to infiltrate an extremist right wing movement that also supports terrorist activities who would you call to mediate ? A pill popping blowhard talk radio celebrity ? Why not ?

Apparently Limbaugh has decided the United States should go vegan and domestic animals should be exterminated. Apparently he thinks horses don't deserve death with dignity. Apparently he knows more about farming than farmers. Well, at least he doesn't have an inferiority complex.
Your local Humane Society struggles to provide aid to abandoned, abused and diseased animals. HSUS does not. HSUS is not affiliated with your local Humane Society and does not even offer it support. Similarly, these national mega-churches do not support your local churches or communities. The people who run these national organizations have agendas and hope to dupe good people with their messages while surreptitiously working against the common man's back.
HSUS is targeting the animal agriculture business nationwide and currently it's sights are set on the midwest. It knows the farming community is onto their agendas. It knows the more liberal urban population will be easily duped by their message. Their ploy now is to dupe religious organizations in the bible belt states.
They have no problem lying to you or your pastor. They have a boatload of money and, since they don't want to give it to animal welfare organizations, they can pay off shills like Limbaugh.

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