Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warsaw Falcons 1983

My dad's favorite pickle was the Warsaw Falcon Polish Dill. Frankly, I didn't like 'em but they had a cool falcon crest kinda thing on the lid. He was tickled pink to know there was a band in Cincinnati that had appropriated the name.
David Rhodes Brown pulled this band together in 1982 after playing in various bands and solo for nearly 20 years. they played rockabilly, rocked out country classics (Walking After Midnight was a personal fave) and rocking rural blues. They played the local and regional venues for years, relocated to Nashville, returned with Bobby Keys in tow and eventually disintegrated with Brown continuing to play alone and with various bands in the midwest.
Brown routinely tore up on his Silvertone with the Falcons at Animations qnd Dollar Bill's and other bars around Cincinnati & NKY. While playing at Bogart's might have seemed a little more professional, it was usually just louder.

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F. S. Poesy said...

A friend of mine (who has since passed on) played stand-up bass for them for a while under the name Steve Lance though his real name was Steve Lawrence. I found this post while looking for pictures of the Falcons from that era. I saw them play a number of times and still laugh when I think that they would say they were also known as the Jerkin' Gerkins.