Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Blog Eat Blog World

On March 4 Randy Simes @ UrbanCincy posted an article, The Blogification of the Cincinnati Enquirer. He points to the Enquirer's employing local blogs at some compensation (Reds tickets?) including Wine Me Dine Me.
On March 7, UrbanCincy's Jenny Kessler reported the closing of Grammer's bar. The Enquirer reported on the story the next day. Or so I thought. In reality it was just the Wine Me Dine Me blog picking up Ms Kessler's original article.
Unlike Blogging Isn't Cool, which compensates it's legion of staff with top union wages and lavish pensions, Simes' UrbanCincy sweatshop compensates staff so poorly they are freezing to death in their apartments.
Even if all Wine Me Dine Me gets is the fabulous ad revenue that gives "Julie" a seat with the Bilderberg Group, it is certainly enhanced by the Enquirer's links that could have gone to the original article.
The laws and rules in the blogosphere are few and far between. I hope this doesn't result in bloodshed. Downtowners & all.....

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