Monday, March 21, 2011

Come Again, Willie ?

Back when John McCain was running against Barak O'Bama for president, Cincinnati's bombastic radio fool, WLW's Willie Cunningham, predicted that if O'Bama was elected he would soon be sitting around singing Kumbaya with Islamo-terrorists who wanted to kill us all.

It appears the "Great American" was a little off.
While O'Bama continues 2 wars against predominantly Muslim States, he has just engaged in a third. Meanwhile, Ohio governor, John DICK Kasich has upped Ohio's support for school vouchers. This lets Ohio parents divert money from the public school system & give it to charter schools & private schools. In Ohio and the nation one of the fastest growing segments of charter schools is Islamic oriented. That is, madrassas. Ohio is alredy up to 19. Is that where John DICK Kasich's beloved heartland wants to invest it's education dollars?
It seems the one most likely to be sitting around singing Kumbaya with Al Quaeda won't be O'Bama but John DICK Kasich.

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