Monday, January 16, 2012

Finally, Some Pro Business Legislation Out of Columbus

"A new state law that cuts start-up costs for micro-breweries and makes it easier for a growing number of craft distilleries and brewers to sell to the public will trigger growth and expansion in the emerging industry, promote tourism, create jobs and generate tax revenues, state and industry officials say."
"The law allows small breweries to serve samples and to sell their brews from tasting rooms without buying a $3,900 special permit, and it also allows more small-batch distilleries to open in Ohio and to offer samples of their craft spirits from their own tasting rooms. The legislation known as House Bill 243 sailed through both the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate with unanimous support and was signed into law by Gov. John Kasich in late December. It is scheduled to take effect March 22."
Still, as Eric Zamonski of Oakwood notes, it is not far enough. Ohio's unwieldy fees & regulations have Ohio ranked 32nd nationally for breweries per capita.

Noose Son story here

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