Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Supplement the Budget With TV Game Show Winnings

Springfield, Ohio was recently awarded a police car by the state. Doesn't seem like much as TV game shows frequently give away cars. This got me thinking, tho. With Cincinnati's mayor being a minor reality TV star, a councilman who is a local access cable and radio star and policewomen who are reality TV stars, why not groom city officials & employees for game shows and then have hem split the winnings with the city?
It might catch on. Cities across the nation could compete on game shows. Forbes magazine could use winners and losers for more of their goofy lists. Tourists would flock to winning and maybe even losing cities to see what the hell is going on. Political careers could be made & destroyed. Ambulance chasers could start suing TV networks instead of cities.
I think it's a plan.

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