Monday, January 23, 2012

hey, look! It's a ghost sign!

This building had been covered with cheap grey aluminum siding & was adorned with billboards. Coupled with the owner not tending to the lawn & the ugly fencing on the corner lot, it served to blight a decent neighborhood in the vicinity of The Comet.
Recently the billboards were removed along with the siding and faint ghost signs are now visible. Can't make out anything, but.... It was apparently a store but since the siding was practically a wrap it was impossible to tell. Of course the city now has it zoned residential but that's ok as the new owner, a neighbor who bought it because he "was sick of looking at it", wants to remodel it as a residence. The difference between a neighbor owner and some absentee owner can be amazing. I imagine the people next door are ecstatic.
So how much of a snob am I for liking a painted sign over a billboard?
I don't care
NOTE:Since taking these pictures a doorway has been carved out of the wall

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