Monday, January 30, 2012

When Did War Stop Being Funny ?

For years I was bombarded whit the hilarious hijinks of war by the likes of Tony Curtis, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Danny Kaye and more. In the South Pacific, soldiers drank from coconut shells and cavorted with beautiful scantily clad native women and Nazi prison camps were nothing but a party. The Korean War raged on for 10 years as surgeons drank, chased nurses & played one practical joke after another. But as the 70s wore on the Korean war became less and less funny. Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Kuwait, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq… For some reason - not funny. You would think some of the UN military interventions could generate some humor - at least for the other side.
Some say we lost in Vietnam. Do the Vietnamese have shelves of war comedies? Are there a zillion Afghani war comedies about Russia being considered for remakes substituting America?
Maybe it's because we don't have a draft anymore. Maybe it's the draftees who were the funny ones and our current military is made up of a bunch of David Caruso clones.
Or maybe we're just not confident in the military actions that we take nowadays.

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