Monday, February 27, 2012

And just did how such a program ended up funded by residents’ sewer bills?

The Fishwarp asks the hard questions….
The racist HamCo 4H apparently receives about $2,750 per member from the Metropolitan Sewer District. What political wisdom went into that is beyond me but with federal mandates & lack of revenue, the county is looking to cut that subsidy.
Last year, the 4H pulled out of the Hamilton County Fair & held their own. While the county fair attendance nearly doubled, the 4H fair had pretty miserable attendance. They pulled out of the county fair because they believed it was too dangerous and (& county commissioner Hartman agreed) it was not a proper place for families.
When A.B.Graham started his farming club in 1902, I doubt he intended it to become a cult of welfare queens. Still, the funding was moved from one pot to another so Kid Monzel's ideological posturing rings more hollow than usual.

Fishwarp story here

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